Bariatric Bed Half Side Rails PB8035
Reduced Gap per FDA guidelines
Canvas Slings PB3075CGS PB4075CSS
Available with and without commode openings
Chains for Standard Slings PB5075
Fits ProBasics, Invacare and many other standard slings
I.V. Pole PB4035
5 Leg, 2 Prong Twist Lock
I.V. Pole PB4235
2 Prong, Knob lock with Composite Base
I.V. Pole - Economy PB5035
4 Leg, 2 Prong Twist Lock
I.V. Poles PB2135
4 Prong with Knob Lock - 5 legs
Over Bed Table PB3037T
Adjustment Tilt Top
ProBasics Bariatric Beds PBHB4
42" wide 600 lb weight Cap.
ProBasics Full Electric Convertible Alzheimer/Low Bed PBHB5
Built-in Convertibility to a Low Bed configurationTwo position caster mounting for added versatility
ProBasics Recliners PB6074B — Featured
Available in Blue, Jade and Rosewood
Trapeze PB1035
Standing Base only
Trapeze PB2035A
Square Tube construction