Rite Neb™ LP3 Compressor Nebulizer PB8005LP3

Economical and Reliable
  • Category: ADULT
  • Manufactured by: ProBasics by PMI
  • Packaging: Case pk: 6

Reliability, affordability and convenience make this the right nebulizer for both homecare dealers and end users...thus the name “Rite-Neb”. This compact unit weighs just 4 lbs. and has a sturdy handle for portability, even for small hands. The Rite-Neb offers a 5-Year warranty and comes complete with a disposable nebulizer with a mouthpiece, “T”, 6" reservoir and 7' foot tubing.

Replacement Filters: F153-PK

  • PB8005LP3 — Rite Neb™ LP3 Compressor Nebulizer