DeVilbiss EasyFit™ Nasal Gel Masks w/ Headgear DV97312

Available in 3 sizes
  • Category: DEVILBISS
  • Manufactured by: DeVilbiss
  • Packaging: Each

Designed by utilizing computer analyses of facial characteristics from 50,000 individuals globally. Identifying consistencies between most of these facial profiles attributed to the development of the unique, scallop-shaped cushion. This combined with the lightweight and durable nasal mask offers a superior fit, seal and comfort. Available in 3 sizes

  • DV97332 — Nasal Gel Mask with Headgear - Large
  • DV97322 — Nasal Gel Mask with Headgear - Medium
  • DV97312 — Nasal Gel Mask with Headgear - Small