Span America Pressure Guard APM Deluxe Alternating Pressure Mattress with Lateral Rotation SAF5880-29, SAF5884-29

Available in 80" and 84" Lengths
  • Category: SUPREME
  • Manufactured by: Span America
  • Packaging: Each

With its two distinct therapy modes, the PressureGuard APM2 gives you twice the treatment options, twice the flexibility and twice the value. The user can change instantly and easily from alternating pressure to basic lateral rotation with a single, recessed toggle switch. This change requires no disconnecting or exchanging of air lines. The Static button parks the unit in powered flotation mode, temporarily suspending rotation/alternating pressure to facilitate feeding, transfers, dressing changes, etc. The “Low Pressure” indicator light gives users at-a-glance assurance of proper function. Also available in Safety-Supreme model which adds a raised perimeter edges. • Weight limit: 350 lbs

  • SAF5880-29 — Safety Supreme, 80"L x 35"W
  • SAF5884-29 — Safety Supreme, 84"L x 35"W