Ultra-Care II Mattress System 4250SGE

With Safety-T-Guard Cover
  • Category: SUPREME
  • Manufactured by: Meridian Medical
  • Packaging: Each

Eight-inch alternating mattress replacement system with low air loss to manage and treat pressure ulcers at any stage. Unique independent low air loss architecture that helps prevent heat and moisture build up and also utilizes a cell-in-cell design with a check valve in the lower air chamber to minimize the risk of bottom-out and provide support during power failures.
• Full 8" cell-n-cell design.
• Quilted, waterproof and vapor permeable cover enhances comfort and reduces shear and friction.
• 10 liter per minute flow pump to assure patient stability.
• Qualifies under billing code E0277.
• Weight Capacity: 450 lbs. with High-Output Pump.

  • 4250SGE — Mattress System w/ High-Output (4253E) Pump